MATERIALS: Teak, concrete, brass, resin   DIMENSIONS: 17 X 84 X 21.5

Perched incorporates 3 basic sculptural forms: a cone, cylinder and rectangle.

The rectangular bench component is made of solid teak planks held in place by bronze rods. One end of the bench is pierced with a cone made of reclaimed teak shavings inset in a tinted resin and sanded to a smooth finish. The opposite end of the bench is supported by a cast concrete cylinder that references a flat wheel.

Above the concrete cylinder lies a large, sleeping, blue cat. Though made of cast concrete, the cat appears soft and inviting. At the other end is a perched bird looking towards the cat. Oftentimes the cat and the bird are in conflict, however, in this installation, the two are in balance welcoming viewers to be a part of this elegant tranquility.

2009 - Jodi Endicott - All Rights Reserved